Friday, April 10, 2015


Fabric is a soft or flexible textile materials which is composed of knitting, weaving, netting, crocheting , braiding etc. Actually fabrics is the input materials for cloth or garments. By the using of fabrics we protect  our self  from the diverse climate condition and the identification and decoration of our personality .fabrics are produces by different way , but the most way of fabric production are weaving and knitting . In the knitting, fabrics are produced by connected of loops in the warp and weft  direction . Here  loops are produced by by the help of needle, sinker and cam.  Here  needle produce the loop , cam is to give the motion for needle up and down , sinker hold down the loop. These are principal element of weft knitting machine elements .there are two types of knitting machine is used to produce knit fabric. One more elements is extra require for warp knitting that is guide.  GSM , Stitch length are the key factor for knit fabrics. The fabric weight is controlled by controlling of GSM  and stitch length of the knit fabrics.

Knit Fabric producing  machine,

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