Monday, December 29, 2014

Rubbing Fastness

  Rubbing fastness: Rubbing fastness is the resistance to fading of dyed textiles when rubbed against a rough surface.the fastness to crocking or rubbing is widely used on a variety of fabric to evaluate the transfer of surface dye from the test fabric when it is applied surface friction or rubbed against a rough surface,two types of rubbing test are done-
Crock meter
Grey scale staining
 Test specimen 15cm x 5cm (may be more, it has no effect) is placed on the base of the Crockmeter.
 A square of white test cloth (5cm x 5cm) which is of plain weave, desized, bleached but without finished cotton fabric (as ready to dye)is taken.
 White test cloth is attached to the finger of the crockmeter.
  rubbing is done, to and fro 10 cycle at 10seconds, i.e.20 rubs in 10s and finger pressure on the specimen is 9N.
 For testing dry and wet rubbing, separate sample is used.
 Rubbing test is done both for warp way and weft way.
 For wet rubbing, sample is dry but white test cloth is wet. for wetting,M:L ratio is maintained not less than 1:50,water is drained after wetting and not squeezeed.

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