Monday, May 18, 2015

Procedure of Bale management | Function of the Blow room

Procedure of Bale management:

    1. Sample collection of each bale.
    2. Given ID No. on individual bale and sample.
    3. Conditioning the sample for standard MR%.
    4. Sample test by HVI (High Volume Instrument).
    5. Input data in BIAS (Bale Inventory and Analysis System).
    6. Prepared mixing plan.
    7. Prepared lay down plan.

Function of the Blow room: 

The most function of the blow room are given blow-

         Opening the fibers.
  Cleaning the fibers.
  Dust removing from fibers.
  Blending of different fibers.
  Mixing of fibers.
  To remove contamination. Here contamination means color fiber.
  To remove heavy & foreign materials.

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