Saturday, May 9, 2015

Common Agent | Detergent | Lubricant | Anti-foaming |Anti-creasing | Leveling agent


Detergent is one kind of surface active agent but the reserve is not always true. The surfactants which have tendency power and the number of carbon in aliphatic chain are not less than 9. Usually used in textile to clean the materials by removing undesirable substances. These products are either soap or synthetic detergent.


The chemical compounds use to prevent contact between solid surfaces in relative motion in order to reduce friction wear overhearing and rusting. They are good coolants, provide the appropriate range of viscosity and are thermally stable.

Anti foaming agent

Anti foaming agent are other types of surfactants which are able to prevent or reduce foam. Usually anti foaming agent used in dyeing bath and in printing paste to hinder the foam generation .Excess foam   Generation can create adverse effect in processing and product.

Ant creasing agent 

Usually used in dye bath or in finishing stage to prevent creasing of fabric or garments.

Leveling agent

Leveling agent is used in textile coloration process to achieve uniform dyeing over the whole substrate by controlling the rate of dyeing. Generally it is non ionic surfactants types compound either fiber substantive or dye substantive. It is available in market in liquid form.

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