Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Textile Dyeing Principal

Textile Dyeing is one kinds of  distribution or allocation  process in which the dyes or pigments are distributed at least two phase s system i.e. the dye/pigment bath or solution and the textile material or cloths.  By this process dyeing is done in a dye bath. Dye bath or dyeing machine contains a solution of dyes , chemical and other auxiliaries. Dyes and pigment are the main coloring materials in  textiles dyeing process.

dyeing is generally done for  textile material .Textile materials could be natural or man-made,depending on types of textile materials ,dyes, chemical and dyeing process varies. In the  textile dyeing of textile materials  make a bonding  between dyes and textile materials. after dyeing dyes fixed with textile materials. performance of textile materials depend on dyeing performance. If textile industry authority want to overcome  different quality test of textile materials then we need to give deep concern on dyeing process.
Dyeing process is dependent on  by following factor

1.Textile materials:
Textile materials are the Main elements of  the textile dyeing dyeing .Dyeing process varies for different  textile  materials like cotton, nylon,wool, silk, polyester, viscose,polyester etc.

2.Dyes/ pigments:
Dyes/ pigments are the main coloring materials for textile coloration  process. dyes varies depending on their chemical structure. Textile dyes may be varies for different textile materials like natural or man made materials.

3. Chemical and Auxiliaries:
Chemical is the main portion of textile dyeing process and without  chemical dyeing process is not done. Caustic soda, soda ash, hydrose, acetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide etc are the main chemical in the textile industry .

4. Machine for pre treatment and dyeing :
Different types of machine can be used in the dyeing industry for different textile material processing.

It must required for dyeing . Water, boiler, Gas are the main utilities in the textile industry.

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