Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mixing | Blow Room | Carding


Mixing is define in which cotton bales are brought from go down and blending is performed in different ratios as per requirement. It is also called mixing and blending. A mixing of cotton blend is usually prepared keeping in view the required parameters of yarn being manufactured on the basis of cotton characteristics. Another important job performed in this department to condition the cotton bale by lay down before opening and cleaning.

Blow Room:

The main function of this department is to open and clean the cotton by beaters, condensers, air current, conveyor belts, hoppers etc. The impurities dropped under blow room machinery at different steps are called dropping-II and it varies in quantity or %age depending upon the cleaning efficiency and cotton density processed at that spot.
The end product of blow room is lap. It is made on Scutcher. It is a roll of uniform sheet of cleaned cotton wrapped after calendaring with sufficient pressure.
There is also another system in which opened and cleaned cotton is directly fed to the carding section from blow room, without lap formation. This system is called chute feed system.


Carding may be defined as the reduction of an entangled mass of fibre to a filmy web by working them between two closely spaced, relatively moving surface clothed with sharp wire points.

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