Friday, May 8, 2015

Basic Qualification of Merchandiser

-Knowledge on duty rates and customs regulations
-Good command in English.
-Adequate knowledge on technical terms, accurate and efficient communication skill
--Good knowledge of raw materials (Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Garments and accessories required)
-Sufficient knowledge of Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Washing, Embroidery, Garments manufacturing etc.
-Adequate idea about color fastness of fabrics, garments and accessories.
-Knowledge on used raw materials and garments inspection systems
-Good knowledge of Exporting and Importing countries
-Knowledge of shipping and Banking documentation and regulations
-Order procedures of international buyers
-Adequate knowledge of factory profile
-Computer literacy and e-mails & internet.
-Excellent power of motivation to improve public relations
-Excellent behaviors and personality and intelligent

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