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Ring | Automatic Cone Winding | Concept of Bale Management | Necessity of bale management


The end-product of ring department is yarn. Yarn is the continuous strand of fibers, which has received its final shape. It may be finer (wt/yard is less) or coarser (wt/yard is more) as per requirement of customer. However it is many times lighter in wt/yard as compared to that of roving from which it is produced.

The machine which produces yarn takes roving and reduces it by roller drawing, twisting as needed and winds the products accurately in a special form of bobbin for further use in auto cone.

 Automatic Cone Winding:

The completion of package from yarn to cone is done in this department. The yarn produced at the ring frame is obtained on a ring bobbin, which is not the final shape to present the yarn to the customer. Therefore it is essential to present the yarn to the customer in a reasonable package which is usually a cone produced on a winding machine. This cone
Contains the yarn in weight usually ranging from 2 lbs to 6 lbs. Yarn bag is commonly understood of weight of 100 lbs

Concept of Bale Management:

Bale management is the process of inventory control and selection of bale according to  fibre properties and also to mix fibre homogeneously to get consistent production and  quality of yarn, which is extremely important for production of yarn. For bale management, all of the bale are tested and almost similar category are arrange for homogeneously mixing.

Necessity of bale management:

Bale management very essential for the following objects-
By bale management consistency yarn quality found.
  A means of avoiding quality jumps.
  Cost saving by bale management.

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